Introducing Little Miss Jelly Bean

It dawned on me that I never did an “official” post announcing my first foray into writing children’s books. Well, seeing how Introducing Little Miss Jelly Bean has now been out in the wild for nearly three months, it’s probably time that I did. Sometimes the hardest part of self-publishing is self-promoting. So… I wrote and illustrated a children’s book titled Introducing Little Miss Jelly Bean.

Meet Little Miss Jelly Bean and learn about all of the different things that she likes. Little Miss Jelly Bean really, really likes a lot of the same things that other toddlers do, such as dancing, playing in the sand, drawing with crayons, and reading picture books. Little Miss Jelly Bean is inspired by the author’s own bow wearing two-year-old daughter. Recommended for ages 2 to 5.

I got the inspiration to create and write Little Miss Jelly Bean as I witnessed my daughter learn and develop her own style as a toddler. There are a lot of parallels between the two. Coincidently, my daughter’s nickname happens to be Jellybean. Go figure. I was motivated to follow through with that inspiration after attending the Orange County Children’s Book Festival last year. As a comic book writer, creator, and publisher, I’ve been to a lot of comic book conventions. The excitement and enthusiasm that I saw at the Children’s Book Festival was a significant number of degrees higher than any recent comic book show that I had attended. My desire to write and create was renewed—even if it wasn’t creating a new comic book.

This will not be the only Little Miss Jelly Bean book. I am currently working on Little Miss Jelly Bean and Itty-Bitty Gumdrop Guy, which introduces Little Miss Jelly Bean’s best friend, Itty-Bitty Gumdrop Guy. Introducing Little Miss Jelly Bean is just first of many titles that I plan to publish under my children’s book imprint, Possible Imp.

I will also be attending this year’s Orange County Children’s Book Festival on September 30, 2018, as a children’s book author for the first time, and I’m bringing copies of Introducing Little Miss Jelly Bean with me. You can even find me listed with the other authors here. Before then, I will appear at the Long Beach Comic Con September 8th and 9th under the Possible Imp banner. I hope to introduce Little Miss Jelly Bean to young readers, in addition to more mature readers to my comic book work such as Hero Happy Hour and Donald of the Dead.

For a limited time you can get the Kindle edition of Introducing Little Miss Jelly Bean for Free (now thru August 10th) from Amazon. If more traditional book formats are your style, you can get Introducing Little Miss Jelly Bean in either paperback or hardback from Amazon as well. Remember, the best way to support your favorite authors and your author friends beyond purchasing their books is to share and review. In the meantime, meet Little Miss Jelly Bean in this video…

(Pssst… If you’ve read this far you deserve a little something. Send me an email to with the subject “Little Miss Jelly Bean Magnet” and include your mailing address and I’ll send you a Little Miss Jelly Bean magnet—while supplies last—for your fridge. Thanks.)

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