What is Possible Imp?

The “clever” tagline is “conjuring books for kids.” The more mundane description is that it is my self-publishing imprint of children’s books.

I had toyed with the idea of creating books for young readers (or books to be read to those too young to read for themselves). Then with the birth of my daughter this idea that I was toying with got kicked around a little more, and a little more, and even a little more to the point that I found myself beginning· to design the character of Little Miss Jelly Bean.

Before I knew it, I had written and illustrated Introducing Little Miss Jelly Bean, the titular character being inspired by own bow-wearing two-year-old daughter, Jean Louise — who just happens to have the nickname “Jelly Bean.” For more info on Little Miss Jelly Bean please check out the Little Miss Jelly Bean Media Kit. You can also follow Little Miss Jelly Bean on Twitter and like her Facebook Page.

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with what I’m doing with Possible Imp and the children’s book projects that I’m working on I recommend that you like the Possible Imp Facebook Page and follow Possible Imp on Twitter.


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