2 Middle Aged Nerds Talking About Cobra Kai

The second episode of the 2 MAN podcast has been unleashed out into the wilds of the podosphere. Wait! Didn’t you know that the 2 MAN podcast was a thing and that there was even a first episode? Well, there was. And, on the first episode my BFF of some forty-three years, Ron Ankeny, and I discussed Avengers: Infinity War and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you missed that episode you can find it on iTunes or Google Play, or (probably) your favorite podcast provider of choice.

But, we’re talking about episode two of the 2 Man podcast here, in which Ron and I discuss the YouTube series Cobra Kai (as well as some Rick and Morty, Star Wars and Deadpool). I compare Cobra Kai with the works of Wiliam Shakespeare. Ron, not so much.

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