2 Middle Aged Nerds Talking About Cobra Kai

The second episode of the 2 MAN podcast has been unleashed out into the wilds of the podosphere. Wait! Didn’t you know that the 2 MAN podcast was a thing and that there was even a first episode? Well, there was. And, on the first episode my BFF of some forty-three years, Ron Ankeny, and I discussed Avengers: Infinity War and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you missed that episode you can find it on iTunes or Google Play, or (probably) your favorite podcast provider… Read More

Writer’s Blog

See what I did there? With the title? Instead of “Writer’s Block” I wrote “Writer’s Blog.” Clever, huh? No? Yeah… Not so much. Anyway… What’s it been since I first started “the new blog?” Three months? Three and a half. Ah… The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry–or, something like that. Well, here we go again. Take two! It turns out that in the time since I last attempted to kick my blog back into gear I decided that I’d try my… Read More

Blog Like It’s 1999

Odd Dan Out - Blog Like It's 1999

Nothing says “1999” like starting a new blog! But, nearly two decades later I’m giving it another go. Welcome to Odd Dan Out! The internet is a magnificent thing. It gives social introverts such as myself, an opportunity to express ourselves without the messy trappings of dealing with people in person. It’s not that I don’t like people, I’m just sort of a reluctant extrovert. I don’t suffer from crippling anthropophobia. It’s just… I’m a lone wolf–a lone wolf that craves the acceptance of others.… Read More

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