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Odd Dan Out - Blog Like It's 1999

Nothing says “1999” like starting a new blog! But, nearly two decades later I’m giving it another go. Welcome to Odd Dan Out!

The internet is a magnificent thing. It gives social introverts such as myself, an opportunity to express ourselves without the messy trappings of dealing with people in person. It’s not that I don’t like people, I’m just sort of a reluctant extrovert. I don’t suffer from crippling anthropophobia. It’s just… I’m a lone wolf–a lone wolf that craves the acceptance of others. It’s complicated.

I’ve started plenty of blogs in the past… Personal blogs, movie blogs, roleplaying game blogs, dad blogs, writing blogs, TV blogs, etc… And with each attempt, I started with a “new brand” because that’s how you make a big splash, right? A catchy blog title will rise with the whey and above the curds of all the other sites about the same exact subject as your latest brilliant and insightful blog.

Odd Dan Out was originally going to be the title of a new podcast. And, it still is. But, it’s also the title of my latest attempt at a blog. It turns out being a dad with some other projects in the works didn’t afford me the time to do the weekly podcast I had attended. So when I’m not podcasting about what I want to talk about, I’ll be blogging about what I want to talk about here–at I’ve also decided to sort of consolidate “my brand.” Across the world wide web, I’m as “danltaylor” or “geekpunkdan” (or “that asshole” to some of you). Now it’s odddanout. My Twitter handle is @odddanout. My Instagram username is odddanout. There’s an Odd Dan Out Facebook page. And, any new handles or usernames will be “odddanout” (or a variation thereof, if it’s unavailable.) GeekPunk (comic and roleplaying game publishing) will still exist. As will my podcasts such as Planetary Union Network, Raw Nerd, and Old Guys Roll (coming soon). Maybe go ahead and like and/or follow one of them.

What will I be blogging about here? The same stuff I attempted to blog about in the past–movie/TV stuff, RPG stuff, comic stuff, dad stuff, writing stuff, and even the personal stuff. Just now it’ll be all of it all in one place. I might get a little political. (Warning, I veer way left.) I might not. There’ll be rants. There’ll be raves. There’ll be tears. And, there’ll be laughter. Hopefully, there’ll be something of interest enough to you for you to return and read what I write. Odd Dan Out will also serve as a hub to share and discuss my other projects such as GeekPunk comics & roleplaying games and various podcasts.

Feel free to place your bets on how long this blog will last. I’m pretty sure the over/under is three months.

I was distracted’ when I typed this
So don’t click away right away
But when I stared at my monitor
I could’ve sworn I had somethin’ to say

My apologies to Prince.

 — Odd Dan OUT!

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