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See what I did there? With the title? Instead of “Writer’s Block” I wrote “Writer’s Blog.” Clever, huh? No? Yeah… Not so much. Anyway…

What’s it been since I first started “the new blog?” Three months? Three and a half. Ah… The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry–or, something like that. Well, here we go again. Take two!

It turns out that in the time since I last attempted to kick my blog back into gear I decided that I’d try my hand at writing children’s books. It had been something that had been knocking around in the back of my brain for the last decade or so, but with the birth of my daughter two years ago, the knocking grew more persistent and maneuvered its way to the front of my brain. Rather than let them knock around for some time before stifling them back to to the rear of my gray matter, I ended up writing and illustrating my first children’s book. Not just starting, but finishing as well. Yeah. It surprised me too.

So, if I was actually going to start writing again and not just threatening to start writing again, I figured that I could use this blog to promote and share my writing as well as the comics, dad, movie, TV, podcast, and RPG stuff that I’ve been threatening about to blog. About that writing stuff… I’ve got the Pi Private Eye: The Immortal Coil novella that I’m working on for a release in March 2019, a handful of role-playing game projects in the works, and apparently I’m a children’s book author/illustrator now–all of which I’ll be blogging about here.

Regarding the Old Guys Roll podcast mentioned in my last (first) blog post… It doesn’t look like that’s happening. Getting an agreed time to record that works for all involved turned out to have too high of a Difficulty Class to succeed with a “Launch a D&D Actual-Play Podcast” roll. But, I did manage to launch a new “geek/nerd’ podcast (at least one episode is available so far) entitled 2 MAN podcast (or Two Middle Aged Nerds podcast) with my BFF of over four decades, Ron Ankeny.

About that children’s book… It’s called Introducing Little Miss Jelly Bean, and is inspired by my own “Little Miss Jelly Bean,” my daughter JLT. It is currently available at Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats and is self-published under my new imprint Possible Imp. (Why Possible Imp and not GeekPunk? I’ll cover that later.)

Until next time…

 — Odd Dan OUT!

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