Three Years Down, A Lifetime To Go

Today is January 3rd. It is also my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I have been a dad for three years now. To quote Keanu Reeves… “Whoa.” Not to sound cliché, but every day is an adventure with this little girl. Sure, it might not be adventurous in the same vein as scaling Mount Everest or traversing Serengeti, but it’s an adventure nonetheless. Will we make it to the potty in time? Will I decipher her unique toddler vernacular? Will I be able to endure her choice… Read More

Dan At 51

It’s been awhile since I posted anything on the ol’ blog. And, this really isn’t much of a post, but I figured–that today being my birthday–I’d go ahead and check in. Maybe even promise to post more, and be entertaining at that, in the coming year. Maybe.

By Way Of Ray

Today is Ray Bradbury’s birthday — August 22nd. A prolific writer of fantasy, science fiction, horror, and mystery, to say that Mr. Bradbury is an inspiration for my own writing would be an understatement of untangible measures. Last year I imagined a possible writing collaboration project to honor the author on his 100th birthday in 2020. It is called By Way of Ray. By Way of Ray will be a collection of 100 short stories written by 100 writers inspired by the writing of Ray… Read More

Introducing Little Miss Jelly Bean

It dawned on me that I never did an “official” post announcing my first foray into writing children’s books. Well, seeing how Introducing Little Miss Jelly Bean has now been out in the wild for nearly three months, it’s probably time that I did. Sometimes the hardest part of self-publishing is self-promoting. So… I wrote and illustrated a children’s book titled Introducing Little Miss Jelly Bean. Meet Little Miss Jelly Bean and learn about all of the different things that she likes. Little Miss Jelly… Read More

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